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Meet Cutie Pops Carmel, Chiffon and Candi with their new sweet look! Dolls come complete with Style Pops, Hair Pops, Eye Pops and more! The Cutie Pops™ are unique, trendy friends, who love to decorate and accessorise everything in their colorful world. These dolls have clothes and accessories that every girl loves from cute hearts, to pretty rainbows, to all kinds of delicious sweets! You can express your own Cutie Pop style with unique style pops that are easy to use and share.

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Cutie Pops - Swirly Brights - Tangerine

In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

Cutie Pops Swirly Brights - Swap and style their hair! Swirly Brights have endless looks to create and share with swirling pops you can put anywhere! So many looks you can mix and match with Cutie Pops collect and share! Share the world of Cutie Pops and join the adventure with Cutie Pops Swirly Brights - a poppin' swappin' world!


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