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All models in the Geoworld collection are scientifically accurate museum replicas of dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. Each model is sculpted by expert craftsmen under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Piccini, geologist and paleontologist, to ensure the correct shape, posture and proportions. Geoworld products are paleontologist and geologist approved!

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Geoworld - The Tyrant King Skeleton

In Stock: No Age: 6 Years+

The Tyrant King Skeleton from Geoworld is the perfect T-Rex skeleton to have when the real thing just wont fit in your bedroom! It's 1:10 scale size (1.1m length) and authentic, 'fossilised' bones can be assembled, piece by piece, and positioned atop a rock-like base where you can proudly exhibit your Tyrannosaurus Rex for all to see. Dig your way through 'rock' and uncover a full-size T-Rex replica tooth using a chisel (included) and just imagine the terror this killing machine must caused to anyone, or anything, that stood in its way.

Geoworld - Excavation Kit - T-Rex Skull

In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

Unearth the skull of this menacing pre-historic giant using the same tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel - and then assemble the parts to form a T-Rex skull. Skull measures 16.5cm in length when assembled and includes a 16 page illustrated booklet titled "Tyrannosaurus Rex".


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