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Hoyle's Official Rules of Card Games

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In Stock: Yes Age: 9 Years+

When you re playing cards, don t be the joker! This newly revised edition of Edmond Hoyle s widely respected rules, which date back to 1742, is the authoritative guide to the world of cards. Whether playing on your own, with friends, or even having a friendly wager, this 192-page book contains the valuable information needed to play over 150 popular card games.

The Complete Guide to Fighters and Bombers of the World

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In Stock: Yes Age: Birth+

An illustrated history of the world's greatest military aircraft, from the pioneering days of the air fighting in World War I through to the jet fighters and stealth bombers of the present day.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Destroyers Frigates and Submarines

Was: AU$24.95 SAVE 40%
In Stock: Yes Age: Birth+

A history of destroyers, frigates and underwater vessels from around the world, including five comprehensive directories of over 380 warships and submarines.

Scrabble Scorepad Book

In Stock: No Age: Birth+

Contains all you need to score every game of Scrabble® including double-sided scoring sheets, pencil and handy 'tile tracker'. Complete your Scrabble® experience!

The Girls' Book of Spells

In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

The Girls' Book of Spells is a brilliant, bewitching guide for girls who want to release their naatural magic and hidden talents! Inside you'll find: Tips on how to become a superb sorceress, spells for you, your friends, school, luck and love, a guide to spell materials and supplies, how to write your own magical spells ... and much more!

The Ultimate Book of Games

In Stock: Yes Age: 9 Years+

Your complete entertainment guide, containing everything from indoor and outdoor activities to family favourites and games of skill. Rules and strategies for over 250 games are included, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.


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